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Bespoke Barong

Bespoke Barong



The Barong, also known as Barong Tagalog, is a traditional formal men's shirt from the Philippines. VINTA Barongs are a modern take on a beautiful tradition. The VINTA Bespoke Barongs can be completely customized, from the cut, the fabric, to buttons, vertical or u-shaped (or pechera), and collar style. You can have completely original embroidery created just for you. You can choose to have your barong lined with silk organza to reinforce the delicate fabric, or to make the look less translucent. You can also choose to have your barongs dyed to match wedding motif colours. We can also custom make any of the ready-to-wear barongs to your measurements. Please contact us to discuss all the possibilities emailing us

VINTA Gallery Made-To-Measure garments, custom crafted by hand to your specific measurements. Once you click "Pre-Order" button, you will be asked to pay for a $650 DEPOSIT to access your consultation video call. This deposit is refundable in case we are not able to fulfill your bespoke order for whatever reason. Once the design has been approved by the client, full payment is required to start production. The deposit will no longer be refundable once the order is approved for production.

Please allow four (4) months minimum for delivery after you submit your measurements and other customization requests. Pricing is in USD and includes shipping to Canada and the US.


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