Panuelo: Sumpa Kita

Panuelo: Sumpa Kita


Our second epic panuelo design @Alagaatsining, inspired by our national flower, the Sampaguita.

This beautiful panuelo takes the Philippine National Flower, Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac), as a talisman, like an anting-anting, for surfacing the subconscious colonial conditioning to the fore. 

There is no mystical force behind our suffering but real social, environmental, political, economic causes maintained by those in power. The flower's name stems from the word "Sumpa Kita," which translates to both a curse and a vow or promise, according to Eulogio B. Rodriguez's Legend of the Sampaguita: The Filipino National Flower (1930). The double entendre in the alleged origin of the flower's name also succinctly encapsulates the very nature and curse of colonialism, whose spirit still pervades our lands, bodies, and consciousness. Not only does the Sampaguita as a state emblem embody how the botanical can be imbued with political meaning, deployed, and performed in conjunction with the codes of State rhetoric, but the double entendre in the alleged origin of the flower's name. 

The Sumpa Kita panuelo is intentionally designed for breaking the cycle of ancestral and emotional trauma, digitally painted with mga sumpa (vows) to catalyze our awakening and breaking the curse of colonial mentality.

Kontra Kapitalismo - Anti-Capitalism

Kontra Pasismo - Anti-Fascism

Kontra Korupsyon - Anti-Corruption

Kontra Pandarambong - Anti-Plunder

Kontra "Katatagan" - Anti-"Resilency" (toxic positivity)

Kontra Patriyarka - Anti-Patriarchy

Kontra  Pang-aapi - Anti-Abuse

Kontra Diskrimisnayon - Anti-Discrimination

Kontra Kolonyalismo - Anti-Colonialism


The Sumpa Kita Panuelo is ink sublimation digital printed in Manila, Philippines, and cut and finished by the VINTA Gallery team in our atelier in the Philippines. 

This beautiful panuelo is 36" x 36" 


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Material and Care Instructions:

- 100% polyester satin

- Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry not in direct sun.


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