VINTA Gallery Best Fall Fashion Trends 2019

This fall 2019—actually, this year in general—has gotten us really excited for the future of fashion.

Though many of the fall styles of 2019 tend to be a response to the ongoing sh*t that’s been happening in our world, we’re at least seeing a glimmer of progress towards positive change in the fashion industry. In other words, we’re staying hopeful. Crossing fingers some of these fashion trends we’re seeing on runways are becoming less of a “trend” and more a new way of thinking.

We mentioned this previously in our Spring/Summer 2019: Fashion Trends We Love post, but slow fashion (meaning an awareness and “slower” approach to fashion, with a focus on sustainability) continues to be part of the philosophy of many designers and up-and-coming fashion brands—us included. This slow fashion movement encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, a lower carbon footprint and essentially more time and care to create higher quality and longer-lasting clothing pieces. We’re also seeing more designers this fall 2019 play with different fabrics using vegan and sustainable materials for their new lines.

"We’re still working in a small atelier system so that when sewers come in, they can choose to move up and build on their skills based on what the master couturier can teach them."
— Caroline Mangosing

VINTA Ifugao Bahag DressAn Igorota in the diaspora wearing our Bahag-inspired dress during her batok ceremony.

On top of brands making statements about the environment, many are also attempting to dismantle the gender binary through unisex pieces. We love seeing slouchy suits and formalwear, usually reserved by men, being worn by women—and they’re killing the look.

As for the best fall 2019 fashion colours, Pantone’s forecast includes confidence-building shades like fiery Chili Pepper and similar red tones (which explains why our Hand-Loomed Ifugao Bahag Dress and candy apple red Terno Jumpsuit have been flying off our shelves).

At the end of the day, what excites us most about fall fashion 2019, especially for women, is the embracing of identity and experimentation, resulting in powerful statement pieces that say, this is who I am.

We’ve rounded up 5 more of our favourite fall fashion trends that will inspire you this season, with fall outfit ideas you can cop straight from the VINTA Gallery store.


VINTA Gender-Bending Pieces

Gender is SO out—and we’re absolutely loving it. Tbh, we’ve been trying to incorporate as many gender-bending fashion pieces for a while now, designing barong tops and dresses for women and more recently adding XS sizing options for ladies and petite men who dig our Classic Barongs. 

Gender-Bending VINTA BarongBrand director, artist and performer Michael Dumlao rocking our ox blood Terno Barong at the Washington Business Journal’s Business of Pride Awards.

VINTA’s Nehru Tibo Barong Tunic was one of our first women’s barong-style tunic dresses and our most popular (‘tibo’—pronounced ‘tee-bo’—meaning ‘tomboy’ in Tagalog). The Barong Tagalog is commonly known as a men’s garment, especially during formal occasions (think the Filipino version of a tuxedo), but more women are crafting their own styles and donning their own versions of this predominantly male form of attire. This barong tunic dress is a take from the Men’s Classic Barong, with a dose of contemporary femininity with an elongated hi-low hemline.

Our Babydoll Barong Dress is also another fun and feminine take on the Men’s Classic Barong, incorporating a 1960s Mod era-style silhouette and chic cuffed bishop sleeves, with a fully lined back and a see-thru front in silk cocoon (100% silk organza).

And who could forget one of our favourite Filipiniana weddings: Jenn Nucum and Tiffany Trinidad. When Jenn changed from her VINTA terno into our bespoke barong for the reception, it was tears galore.

“The details on this piece made me feel like an Esquire model,” Jenn described. “I felt sharp, clean-cut, and wearing it made me want to do the ‘smoulder’ look. I intended on wearing two outfits because I wanted everyone to know—and see—that I can be femme and also be a gentleman. Many of my friends and family members have never really seen me in a dress, so it was satisfying to be able to shock them a little bit. Overall, wearing these two outfits made me feel empowered—not just as a Filipinx person, but also as a queer person.”

Let’s hope this gender-bending fashion trend is here to stay.

2. See-Through Clothing

VINTA See-Through Kimona

*Insert sneaky-face emoji here*

The weather may be getting cooler, but this see-through clothing trend is keeping things hot. Visible lingerie and translucent fabrics that show off the female form are very much in, keeping in line with those powerful statement pieces we’ve been seeing more of this season.

While many of the styles range from wild to subtle, there’s no doubt the looks and combinations here are endless. Released this past spring, and still perfect for the fall, our Rock Rose Kimona has been turning heads. Inspired by traditional Filipino Kimona, fashion of the lowland people in the Visayas region, the Rock Rose Kimona is made with gorgeously delicate Japanese eyelet lace of light, translucent embroidered batiste (cotton). It’s super versatile, so you can even wear it to work and/or to late nights out with your fave pair of black pants and heels.

VINTA Gallery Corsage Kimona Ilona

One of our favourite ultra see-through garments on the VINTA store has to be our tulle Corsage Camisa. Inspired by the top of the Traje De Mestiza (or Baro't Saya) of the 1880s, the cut is a simple pull-over with a dropped shoulder seam and pagoda sleeve with pleats for maximum volume. The hand-beaded tropical foliage "corsage" on the shoulder gives it a chic touch, but you can dress it up or down and still look fire either way.

3. Voluminous Garments

 VINTA Voluminous Tops Pleat Front Camisa

Bigger (read: extra) is always better. We saw the puffed shoulder look everywhere this past spring/summer and that style will continue to ease into the fall/winter. We’ll be seeing a ton of big, billowy shoulders and voluminous tops this season, as period-inspired pieces were a huge hit on the runways.

One of our newest terno tops recently added to the shop is the Pleat Front Camisa, inspired by the voluminous butterfly sleeve of the 1910s camisa worn with a saya. Back then, the pleats were only fastened with straight pearl-head pins, so there was no slouching allowed. With our cotton lace VINTA version of the camisa, however, it’s comfy and sized perfectly enough that you can slouch all you want now, girl.

4. Seventies Style Palazzo Pants

VINTA Gallery Palazzo Pants Fall Trend 2019

The ’70s are making a comeback, and for y’all who were born way after this sexy time that means bell bottoms, turtleneck tops, long jackets and, our favourite, palazzo pants. Hugely popular in the seventies, and for good reason, it’s stylish and supremely comfortable due to its wide leg and loose cut. Suffice to say, we’re obsessed with the look, so much so that we’ve created our own 100% crisp cotton waffle pique pair of palazzo pants

All white and gorgeously tailored (with pockets!), there are so many ways you can wear our versatile VINTA palazzo pants. You got the office look (with tucked-in fitted tops for a nice, longer frame), a more casual daytime attire (with a comfy vintage rock tee or crop top) or, our favourite, a lean, clean, super sleek look with a matching white terno top for the ultimate in cool elegance.

5. Structural Power Shoulders

VINTA Gallery Structural Power Shoulders

Say yes to the structural power-shouldered dress a.k.a. the Filipiniana terno dress. Though the big, billowy, dreamy shoulder tops are still a thing, on the other hand the more edgy, structured, almost severe-looking “power shoulder” is making an even bigger mark this season. Why? Going back to the gender-bending pieces, the rigid butterfly shoulders exude the perfect mix of feminine and fierce—resembling a type of armour—so the wearer oozes a pure, elongated confidence. Perfect examples of these would be our classic, black Empire Butterfly and Iron Butterfly dresses—scary in the sexiest way possible.

(P.S. For a chiller version of the power shoulder look—but still super baus—our first and most popular terno dress, the Tent Terno Redux, is available for pre-order now!)

Explore more in the VINTA Gallery shop and get set for fall winter fashion 2019!