VINTA Update - November 2019
A Note from Our Founder and Designer   

It’s been a helluva few months since our last VINTA update in August... and we’ve been busy! Since then we’ve completely redone our sizing (adding in XL, +XL and XXL sizes in women’s and XS in men’s), we’ve expanded our team to include bright and talented new designers and pattern makers, and we’ve launched a new line of hot-selling terno tops and camisas, plus one-of-a-kind, head-turning new Ifugao items

With only a few weeks left until 2020 (wtf, crazy!), we’re getting ready to LEVEL UP and give you the best that VINTA Gallery has to offer, to both our new and returning customers alike.

Lots happening at the VINTA HQ, but here are just a few updates we thought you’d like to know.

We’re Including New Restocks of Old Classics to the VINTA Store

Are you ready for this? Coming soon to the VINTA Gallery store… we’re restocking popular gems that are same same but kinda different.

First up is one of our personal favourites — the effortlessly sleek and sexy VINTA Shirt Coat Barong. Made with natural coloured 100% silk organza, this updated version is lined with Gumamela (hibiscus) embroidery design by Quezon City-based artist, May Caras. It’ll also be available in all our new sizes (which includes XS, XL, +XL and XXL). Ready for any occasion, day or evening, you’ve never seen a barong like this.

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Also back by popular demand — we’re adding our sweet lil Crop Barongs to our store, and this time it’ll be available in black jusi (which is a blend of silk and polyester) and natural silk organza. A Filipiñana classic that can be paired with high-waisted dress pants or jeans, we cannot wait to see all the multiple looks y’all can pull with this crop top.

And just in time for the holidays, we’ll be dropping our NEW Asymmetrical Terno Dress in dark teal green velvet (!!!). I just did a test run of this stunning dress at a recent formal event, and it was an absolute hit. It features one pocket and empire waist with pleats at the abdomen, allowing for gorging at holiday dinners while still maintaining the sexy (lol). We’ll let you know as soon as this hits our store (we’ll only be offering one of each size).

Also stay tuned for our Terno Jumpsuit Dos in black and unisex Malong Skirt coming your way soon…

We’re Working on a Made-to-Measure Collection of Modern Filipiniana Bridal Dresses

...Plus a couture collection!

We’re still very early in the stages, but we’re too excited to keep this a secret. Our VINTA Filipiniana wedding gowns and bespoke bridal dresses continue to be one of our most requested pieces, so we thought it’d make perfect sense to include a Made-to-Measure collection to make things easier and more available to our future brides. 

We’re also planning to increase quantities of each design, from 9-14 pieces per design to up to 50 pieces per design. We promise to keep you updated on the new modern Filipiniana bridal dress collection in the coming months (did we mention how excited we are??!).

We’re Working on Our Menswear Line, Including New Men’s Barongs

We haven’t forgotten about the boys. Stay tuned for a follow-up to our popular ’70s-inspired Linen Gardan Barong, plus some fresh new barongs with embroidery designs we know you’ll absolutely love. 

In the meantime, check out our modern men’s barongs on sale now on the VINTA website and get some more inspiration on our blog post, The Rich and Interesting History of the Barong Tagalog (ie. Did you know Spanish colonizers forced Filipinos to keep their barongs untucked to make sure they weren’t stealing or carrying a weapon?! Brush up on your barong knowledge here).

As always, your positive vibes on Instagram, posts, comments and general excitement about our stuff keeps us motivated and inspired to push forward. Thanks a million for your support and keep spreading the word about VINTA!