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We all know the holidays can be a stressful time. Not only are you trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your family members, friends, significant other, kids/nieces/nephews and co-workers, but you’re also prepping for parties, finding that one amazing New Year’s Eve outfit and scrambling to finish work stuff, all the while mapping out your #2022goals. Phew.

Good news is VINTA Gallery has your back.

We’ve put together the ultimate holiday gift guide 2021 packed with gift ideas for the Filipina and/or Filipino in your life. Lezz goooo.

VINTA Holiday Gift Guide Terno Tops
1. Modern Filipiniana Terno Tops 

Ranging from $100 to $225 USD, these modern Filipiniana butterfly sleeved terno tops would make the perfect present for your bestie, sister, momma — basically any awesome lady in your life. Choose from a range of different styles, colours, patterns and fabrics, each uniquely made and handcrafted by Master Lita and VINTA Gallery team in our atelier in Manila, Philippines.

Our latest release is bound to be an instant love — the Peekaboo Terno Top in Black is the  super versatile, edgy new classic your gift recipient never knew she needed. Easy to wear and made to dress up or play down, it’s a sure-fire holiday hit (p.s. it also comes in white).

A few of our other favourite puffed sleeved tops include the Sheer Shoulder Terno Top in Pearly Peach (on sale at $190), inspired by the transparent balinawak terno sleeves of the past. For a casual look that screams “Endless Summer,” our Neon Belly Top Terno ($100) is also a fun gift your very good friend would love.

Shop all Women’s Terno Tops here

Crop Barong Blouses
2. Women’s Barongs, Blouses and Barong Dresses

Who says barongs are just for the boys? Shop any one of our women’s barongs for that fashionable Filipina in your life. For a guaranteed look they’ll love, our Crop Barong Blouse (only $150 USD) offers a fresh Filipiniana feel, featuring Alagadngsining's Filipino Tropico III embroidery design. The stories behind these truly one-of-a-kind designs are literally gifts themselves — so uniquely Filipino, ​​featuring the wonder and beauty of Philippine flora and fauna in meticulous detail.

Our beautifully embroidered, hot coral Halter Barong Mini Dress ($175) is a gift made for that sultry Filipina queen, while our Ruffle Barong ($150) is a gorgeous twist to a heritage classic, made for that hopeless romantic. Last remaining ones in stock until they’re gone forever, so get it now!

Shop all Women’s Barongs here
VINTA Holiday Gift Guide Lingling-o Necklaces
3. Filipino-inspired Jewelry and Accessories

Need something a little bit extra for that extra special person? VINTA’s online “Sari-Sari” is just the place — and not gonna lie, we’re obsessed with all the new stuff and amazing gift ideas you’ll find on there, including the best ethically made and hand-crafted Filipino-inspired jewelry.

Our No. 1 bestselling piece has to be our linglino-o’s, which come in a variety of different chain styles and lengths. The name “lingling-o” comes from the Ifugao name for these ornaments. The lingling-o has gained popularity as a symbol of Philippine ancestry and pride, more importantly, fertility and feminine power. 

Ethically sourced from The Manila Collectible Company, these lingling-o pendants are made by one of the last brass casting families in the Ifugao region. They’re the absolute perfect (and affordable) present for that super inspiring female figure in your life. Shop the Lingling-o with 22” Curb Chain, Lingling-o Lariat with Rolo Chain or Lingling-o Choker with 13.5” Rolo Chain.

Another hot seller and perfect giftable has to be our Giniling Bangles (from $45). Giniling bangles are worn by the Indigenous groups of the Cordillera region of the Philippines and crafted using traditional brass casting techniques (by hand) by Aizam and the Basilio family of Gonhadan Village Tam-An Banaue. Shop as a single or set of 3 — complete your outfit with these beautiful 100% brass bangles.
Holiday Gift Guide Philippine-made Brass BanglesA bit on the higher end for its stunning factor, the Layered Teardrop Ear Lace is one piece of jewelry that’s bound to turn heads. This ear lace is inspired by the bekelew that T'boli women wear, usually a single (sometimes more) strand of beads with a beaded fringe that hangs around the chin, from one ear lobe to the other. In T'boli culture, the bekelew symbolizes femininity. Very few artisans today know how to make this form of jewelry for many reasons, thus this craft is considered a dying art. Made of 925 pure silver coated in 24-karat gold, you won’t see this anywhere else.

VINTA Holiday Gift Guide Layered Teardrop Ear LaceLast but certainly not least, for a gift that says, “Go BIG or go home,” our gorgeous VINTA Gallery exclusive Banaba Flower Creolla Earrings is the statement jewelry piece for the ages.

VINTA Holiday Gift Guide Banaba Flower Creolla EarringsIt’s basically wearable art, designed by Alagadngsining — take a look closer and you’ll notice the intricate details of the gold filigree, an ancient, meticulous and exacting technique in which the platero (goldsmith) must melt blocks of gold or silver, repeatedly hammering and cooling them until they become fine and delicate threads. The thin threads are then carefully shaped by hand to form into intricate lace-like patterns, often inspired by nature — in this case the Banaba Flower, known for its healing properties. It’s a piece of beautiful jewelry you’ll wear and love, and then pass down generations.

Shop the Sari-Sari store here

Customized Illustrated Map of the Philippines Art Print
4. Customized Illustrated Map of the Philippines Art Print

You can’t go wrong with VINTA’s Map of the Philippines Art Print. Designed by Toronto-based creative studio CMANGO Design, this beautiful illustrated map of the Philippines features the names of the main islands of the archipelago, its surrounding seas, provinces and a few major cities. The best part is, the map print can be customized to highlight the island, town, city or province of your choice! 

It’s the perfect holiday gift for just about anyone who has the feels for the Philippines, ie. think those who just got a new space or home somewhere in the city and miss the Philippine island vibes, those who got engaged somewhere in the Philippines, those who have a soft spot for a certain place/beach/bar/memory that one time on vacation. Show them some love with this unforgettable gift, which comes in Ube, Guava and Coral.
VINTA Holiday Gift Guide Pink Panuelo Scarf5
. Panuelo: Saribuhay Ng Sierra Madre

It’s a VINTA first — our first ever panuelo design by Alagadngsining, inspired by the beautiful biodiversity of the Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines.

Popping with colour, you can style the panuelo in so many ways, as a shoulder or neck wrap, head scarf, even as a little bandana top. It’s a versatile, easy-to-gift item that’s sure to please.
Pink Panuelo Head ScarfFrom ready-to-wear modern Filipiniana terno tops and women’s barongs to Filipino-inspired accessories, get that special, hand-crafted gift for your loved one this holiday season while supporting local artisan communities in the Philippines. Shop now and get it just in time for December 25th!