VINTA Gallery - Outfit for Every Zodiac Sign 2021

Astrology is a reflection of you and your life. The whole thing can be seen through the lens of what makes you beautiful and what makes this life of yours beautiful.” — Chani Nicholas

We’ve mentioned this a few times before, but here at VINTA, we’re all about horoscopes, astrology and all that birth chart business. So when our woman crush/astrologer Chani Nicholas launched her new app, The CHANI App, we got inspired to write up our own little star sign-related fashion guide. (Btw, if you don’t already know who Chani Nicolas is, check her out ASAP. She weaves progressive politics, social justice, queer identity — not to mention amazing Spotify Cosmic Playlists — into her work. We’re obsessed.)

But back to VINTA — it’s a new year, and 2021 is the year for us to begin a new cycle, a new journey of creativity, exploration and discovery. Of hard resets. Of being the boss of our own lives. Of expressing ourselves. Of feeling good. Of rocking a sweet new look — no matter what the current situation.

So we’ve put together these VINTA outfit ideas for every star sign to hopefully inspire your wardrobe for the new year ahead.


January 20 - February 18

VINTA - Aquarius - Mock Neck Tulip Terno
People born under the Aquarius sign are typically shy and quiet, but once you get to know them, they’re actually eccentric, energetic and may we add sometimes a bit too cool for school (but in the best way possible). Because of their yearning to always be original, there’s never a dull moment around Aquarius individuals. They can be the life of the party around friends, but also secretly tender, thoughtful and independent. 

Their VINTA outfit would be the Mock Neck Tulip Terno Dress — pure boss woman/butterfly sleeve energy, with an '80s-inspired New Wave abstract print for an interesting, intellectual look.

February 19 - March 20

VINTA - Pisces - Tulle Camisa
We know a Pisces when we meet one. As a Water sign, they’re compassionate, artistic, gentle and wise. Often very spiritual individuals, when Pisces people speak, you can see the depth of their emotional capacity, and you can tell they’re more intuitive than others. They love being alone, but they’re also in love with the world.

For this reason, the Tulle Camisa would suit them best — dreamy, artistic and romantic AF. The front of the Camisa is lined, while the back is completely transparent — like her soul.

March 21 - April 19

VINTA - Aries - Peplum Barong
The most competitive of the star signs, we love a good Aries girl. As a natural-born leader, they always want to be first at everything, work-related or otherwise. When an Aries individual walks into a room, it’s one of blazing confidence, passion and energy. And when they’re in love, it’s over — they will express their feelings to the person they are in love with without any thought.

This stunning, tailored Peplum Barong is an obvious choice for this star sign, with a stylized bishop sleeve and ever-flattering classic pleated peplum, featuring Alagagngsining's embroidery design from the Filipino Tropico Series. Pair it with a sweet pair of vegan leather pants, and it’s literally the most perfect outfit for them.

April 20 - May 20

VINTA - Taurus - Sapphire Blue Tibo Barong Tunic
Oooooh, Taurus. One of the most reliable signs, these guys are practical, stable and well-grounded, always ready to endure and stick to their decisions, sometimes to the point of stubbornness. Taurus individuals are also known to love high-quality shi*t and dressing to the nines (read: NO synthetic fabrics, just luxe clothing that shows signs of the fruits of their wealth and labour).

VINTA’s Sapphire Blue Tibo Barong Tunic was made for the Taurus lady (I mean, it's not just any blue). This new version features a Nehru collar, stylized bishop sleeve and an updated silhouette with power shoulders. It's also versatile enough to be worn as a dress or as a top, as any Taurus would appreciate.

May 21 - June 20 


VINTA - Gemini - Tent Terno Redux
Geminis are interesting individuals, and you can bet they’ll keep you on your toes — as the “Caring Twins,” you’ll never know which side of you’ll face. Without a doubt, Geminis can be super charming, quick-witted, sociable and always ready for a fun time — on the flip side, they have a tendency to suddenly get serious and deep in their thoughts, maybe even a bit restless. But their open-mindedness and curiosity make them excellent artists, constantly flooded with inspiration and definitely never boring.

The Gemini gal would love our luxurious satinized rayon Tent Terno Redux in emerald green — equipped with a sassy thigh high slit she can show off anytime she feels like it.

June 21 - July 22

VINTA - Cancer - Unisex Biggie Barong
Cancer babies wear their heart on their sleeves. They’re those friends who hug you tightly with their eyes closed and for a few seconds longer. Guided by their emotions, they’re deeply sentimental and sympathetic, closely attached to people they connect with. They can be overly sensitive creatures, only because they’re so gentle and caring to their very core.

Our Unisex Biggie Barong in Natural has ‘Cancer’ all over it. Made with 100% silk organza, it's a collarless, no embroidery, super low key barong for straight up chilling — in their feelings.

July 23 - August 22

VINTA - Leo - Unisex Art Deco Short Sleeved Barong
Think J.Lo, Madonna, Angela Bassett, Whitney Houston — all fierce, fun and confident Leo babies. As natural born leaders, Leos enter a room with a blazing force, dominant and in love with life, not to be ignored. For this reason, they have a tendency to be overly dramatic, sometimes even “queen-of-the-jungle” entitled — at the same time, they’re very incredibly warm-hearted, generous and funny, making them quite irresistible to the people around them. The Leo’s motto: Just do you, girl.

The Unisex Art Deco Short Sleeved Barong in hand-dyed wisteria was made for the attention-loving Leo. This barong boasts an epic batok embroidery pattern, meaning the design is not only in the front chest area and extended up towards the shoulders, but is also across the upper back (in a v-shape), and the upper sleeves. Super extra, just how Leos like it.

August 23 - September 22

VINTA - Virgo - Terno Jacket Dress
Everyone needs at least one Virgo friend in their life — you know, that one friend that keeps you grounded, who pushes you to be your best, and is all work, no play. In all seriousness, we love Virgos because they inspire us to be just as organized, detail-oriented and practical as they are. As perfectionists, they can be over-analytical with a methodical approach to life that leaves nothing to chance.

Because of their impeccable taste and keen eye for details, our Terno Jacket Dress is SO Virgo. Made from 97% cotton twill with 3% polyurethane (for the stretch), this fully lined Terno Jacket Dress has a sleek hourglass, pencil cut silhouette with power shoulders inspired by the power suit of the 1980s. Virgo babes would also appreciate the two side seam pockets and a front jacket zipper that they can unzip down and zip up depending on their mood.

September 23 - October 22 

VINTA - Libra - Shoulder Shift Terno Dress
“Fashion made me late.” Totally something a Libra would say, lol. Individuals born under the Libra sign are highly social, super charming and they hate conformity. They most likely have an Instagram-perfect lifestyle and need constant mental stimuli to keep them interested. They’re very opinionated and can hold you down with hours-long discussions with their strong intellect and keen mind.

As the star sign most likely to discover the next trend, Libra ladies would go for our Shoulder Shift Terno DressMade from 100% crisp cotton waffle pique, this décolletage revealing shift dress is minimal, with a short, easy to wear a-line silhouette that’s flattering for any body type — definitely not for the basic bishes.

October 23 - November 21

VINTA - Scorpio - Pleat Front Camisa
Watch out for the Scorpios! We say that only because they’re the most intimidating and mysterious out of the zodiac signs. Like, we never know what type of person they are until you actually truly and deeply get to know them. And even so, we may not even get to the depths of who they are. Extremely determined and assertive individuals, they say Scorpios can “sting,” but only because they can be quite passionate and emotional. Born brave and fierce, they balance it out with their outside calm and cool behaviour. Who doesn’t want to be a Scorpio?

No other VINTA outfit would suit the Scorpio as much as our Pleat Front Camisa. I mean, that full-blown Victorian-style black lacy number, with badass power terno sleeves? Dead.

November 22 - December 21

VINTA - Sagittarius - Kaftan
Think of that one love who got away — they’re most likely a Sagittarius. The travel-hungry, adventure-loving Sagittarius baby is energetic, optimistic and boy, do they love their freedom. It’s hard not to like them, though — idealistic, humourous, philosophical and open-minded, to keep up with a Sagittarius, you have to be equally as curious, playful and fun-loving, always ready and open to change at the drop of a dime.

Our new Kaftan reboot is perfect for the dreamy-eyed, extroverted Sagittarius. Made with lush emerald green satinized rayon with hand-loomed Cordilleran inspired contemporary textile (sourced directly from Ifugao Nation in Kiangan, Ifugao), this Kaftan screams Sag.

November 22 - December 21

VINTA - Capricorn - Filipino Deco Crop Barong
Last but not least — the Capricorn baby. Like the grounding Virgo, Capricorns are responsible, disciplined and have good self-control. They’re the go-to friends you hit up when you need that hard-hitting ‘life coach’ advice you hate so much — and they’ll give it to you straight up, without any of the fluff. Because of this, they may seem a bit harsh and cold, but they only want what’s best for their besties.

The Filipino Deco Crop Barong was made for the Capricorn — serious by nature, with its buttoned-up collared look; but once you get them to let their guard down for a bit, they can be super fun (it’s a crop top, after all!)