From “puff shoulders” to artisan woven pieces, we’ve been keeping our eye on the biggest spring/summer 2019 fashion trends to hit the runway — and they’re coming in hot.

To give you a quick glimpse, it involves the perfect mix of statement pieces and ultra-feminine looks to fit just about anyone’s personal wardrobe. The colour lavender is also making a huge comeback as fashion’s trendiest colour, and we’re v excited.

Slow fashion is still a thing, and thank God for that. More and more clothing brands are rejecting the principles of Fast Fashion, and more shoppers are realizing the devastating effects the fashion industry has caused on Mother Earth. Apart from slow fashion being 100% necessary for the planet, since a majority of slow fashion clothing pieces are locally sourced, produced and sold, every time we shop, we’re helping to provide for the livelihoods of these local skilled workers. On top of that, there’s more respect paid to the craftsmanship, quality and artisanship of these unique and sustainable pieces, meaning better, long-lasting (and eventually money-saving) clothing items. No more flimsy, throwaway H&M shirts and blouses. We need more of those one-of-a-kind “spark joy” pieces Marie Kondo raves about.

Speaking of, here are the top 5 fashion trends to look out for, plus VINTA clothing staples to help you kick off spring and summer 2019 in style.

1. Puff shoulders

They call it “Wonky Couture”; we call it the Terno.

This year, we guarantee you’ll be seeing the puffed shoulder look everywhere — from statement billowy shoulders to the more subtle sleeve, on both dresses and blouses.

As obviously huge fans of the puffed shoulder look, we love the versatility and the chameleon-like nature of this style. Take a look at our VINTA Gallery and you’ll see just what we’re talking about.

For example, you can find tops with sleeves on the puffier end, with a bit of a Victorian novel aftertaste (a.k.a. The Maria Clara gown), but still rock a pair of red hot booties for an edgier, strut-through-the-city look.

And then sometimes you just need to wear something easy breezy, like our Knit Terno Crop Top. This relaxed puffed shoulder top worn with cute jean shorts is the best summer outfit idea for your warm-weather wardrobe.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, you have the striking, bold, statement puff shoulders, which is still just as versatile. You can wear it anytime of the day or week, for a powerful fashionable daytime look or for late-night cocktails with friends — or even for a special formal event.

Our faves? This 100% silk Terno Barong, hand-dyed in deep red, ox blood colour, but with delicate floral, hand-manipulated machine embroidery. The front has opaque nude lining and the back is totally see-thru.

For a super extra nighttime look, go for our Headmistress Terno. Made from a deep purple/black crisp cotton sateen, with a subtle tone on tone pinstripe, this fully lined terno with a skinny belt is a modern classic, reminiscent of 1940s glamour. One thing other puffed shoulder dresses may not have, that our terno does? Our crushable cañamaso butterfly sleeve innovation — a tribute to tradition, but allows for full arm movement, if ever you want to throw down on the dance floor. (Btw, Neo-Gothic is also coming back in style, just sayin’.)

Nothing can make you look as powerful, feminine and stylish all at the same time than the puffed shoulder. Like we said, we’re obsessed with this look, and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

2. Lavender

Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, may have set the stage, but this year people are opting for a more toned down yet still vibrant shade. Lavender is the ultimate flattering and feminine look — though subtle, when paired right, it can still look just as exciting.

New to the VINTA shop, our High Neck Crop Barong is a summer outfit essential. Made of hand-dyed jusi (silk-poly blend organdy), this ultra-fem barong comes in water-colour effect lavender, with avocado green thread on the combination hand and hand-manipulated machine embroidery, and mother of pearl buttons. (It also comes in rich cerise with navy thread.)

Glam up the pool area for a summer beach outfit or rock it with a black mini skirt and turn heads during Sunday brunch.

3. Ruffles

We know we said the puffed shoulder trend is our favourite, but ruffles come in at a close second.

I mean, who doesn’t love this style? It’s delicate and dainty yet super fun, confident and again versatile. When worn at the front of the blouse, frills and all, or as a collared ruffle top paired with tailored black pants, you can look like anything between a sexy orchestra conductor or hot shot CEO.

At VINTA, we’re loving the ruffled shoulder style — sweet yet simple. This Ruffle Barong is one of our bestselling pieces — a new twist to the Filipino heritage classic. Best of all, it’s perfect for hot summer days. If you’re asking what to wear with skinny jeans in the summer, this is it. Or you can pair the Ruffle Barong with a high-waisted skirt or pink denim, and it's ready for any occasion, day or night.

4. Artisan Woven Pieces

Back to what we said about slow fashion — it’s all in the craftsmanship and artisans behind the pieces we buy. We’re now seeing traditional textiles making their way into the spotlight, with designers breathing new life into these fabrics.

Our modern interpretation of Ifugao clothing is made from hand-loomed traditional Ifugao weave by weavers from Vigan, Ilocos Sur in North Philippines, and handcrafted by Master Lita and the VINTA Gallery team in our atelier in the Philippines.

The Ifugao fabric we use for our VINTA pieces can take days, if not weeks to weave. It’s something we acknowledge and respect, and we love how it’s a piece of our Filipino culture and history that we can wear proudly.

5. Jumpsuits

Last but not least, the jumpsuit. For work or for play, the always comfy-chic, easy-to-wear suit continues to be a closet staple with every year that passes. For us, it’s definitely that go-to weekend outfit for summer.

VINTA’s Terno Jumpsuit is built to move. A super sexy piece, featuring a deep V cut neckline, a front zip and legs-for-days palazzo cut pant. Wear this for a hot date or as a wedding guest — you won’t want to take it off.

(P.S. Our Candy Apple Red Terno Jumpsuit is officially sold out! But be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll alert you as soon as it comes back in stock.)

Explore more in the VINTA shop and get set for spring summer fashion 2019!