VINTA Gallery Toronto Pop Up VINTA Diwata Screening

PRESS RELEASE — Experimental Short Film 'VINTA Diwata' Makes Its Toronto Debut

TORONTO, Oct. 27, 2022 — This Sunday, experimental short film 'VINTA Diwata' by filmmaker Jill Sachs will make its Toronto premiere screening at the VINTA Gallery Toronto Pop Up.

Following much success after its debut at a private screening in Los Angeles, 'VINTA Diwata' will make its first public screening in Toronto on October 30th as part of VINTA Gallery's retail experience event at HairLove Studio. Following the Toronto event, the short film will live on the VINTA Gallery YouTube channel and on the website.

'VINTA Diwata' takes viewers on a journey across landscapes, flora and fauna endemic to the Philippines, and dream-like sequences as the voiceover narrates a powerful poem spoken in Tagalog. "For my ancestors were queens and saints. Powerful. Enslaved. Unbroken. I feel their spirits, echoing through time. Declaring that I belong," proclaims the haunting voiceover, translated through English subtitles.

Jill Sachs is a Filipina-American filmmaker based in Los Angeles and an American Film Institute graduate with an MFA in Directing. She pours into her stories a signature cocktail — one-part dreams and a dash of obsolescence. From that potion, occasional ghosts may arise.

Featuring pieces from the VINTA Gallery collection, 'VINTA Diwata' is a visual spectacle filled with nostalgia, culture, truth, and belonging.

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See the full VINTA Diwata film below!