Pearlcore Season: How to Style Your Pearls in a Modern Way
Pearlcore Season: How to Style Your Pearls in a Modern Way

It’s official — pearls are back in style in 2022, and we’re loving what we’re seeing. With a fresh and modern take on this timeless gem, even a simple pair of pearl earrings or a gorgeous pearl necklace can make any outfit look simultaneously elegant and cool.

The best part of the Pearlcore trend now? It’s not limited to women. Men are having a moment in pearls — and everyone from Harry Styles and Pharrell to Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky are looking capital ‘G’ GORGEOUS decked out in pearls galore. This article from Mr Porter said it best: “Pearls are surprisingly versatile as men’s jewelry goes. Depending on their styling, they can be luxuriant, minimalist or statement-making.” And there’s also something else pearls offer, the article continues. “Character.” We couldn’t agree more.

VINTA Gallery Pearlcore Fashion - Men in Pearls

Recently, VINTA Gallery launched a whole new collection of Freshwater Palawan Pearl jewelry — from our T’boli-inspired pearl ear lace and pearl hoop earrings of all sizes to our pearl choker necklace, minimal pearl lariat necklace and more. So… how to wear pearls? Get inspired with some of these pearlcore looks and outfit ideas for your next rendezvous.

 But first — what are Freshwater Pearls from Palawan?

Here’s a fun fact: did you know the Philippines is a world leader in pearl culture? Palawan specifically is known as the Philippines’ “Last Frontier” because of its rich biodiversity and generally unspoiled environment, making it possible for these coveted natural gems to thrive and grow.

Southern Palawan is where some of the most beautiful pearls in the world have been farmed, most notably South Sea pearls. But more and more Filipino jewelry makers and wearers have started favoring local freshwater pearls over saltwater pearls. Unlike saltwater pearls, which are formed in oysters, freshwater pearls are formed in mussels. And how exactly are freshwater pearls made? A mussel produces pearls when a tiny particle is grafted onto the soft part inside the shell to stimulate pearl growth. The mussel reacts to the foreign object by creating a pearl sac around it, and over time layers of nacre slowly build up. Nacre, also known as “mother of pearl,” is what gives pearls its pretty luster. It may take up to four years before any pearls are fully formed, but a single freshwater pearl mussel is capable of producing up to 50 pearls at a time!

Freshwater Palawan Pearl Choker Necklace
The main differences between saltwater and freshwater pearls are that freshwater pearls are nearly 100% nacre — saltwater pearls have a way thinner nacre coating. Because of this, freshwater pearls are usually more durable than saltwater pearls — meaning if you plan on wearing your pearls on the regular, freshwater is a much better option.

Freshwater pearls also boast a softer luster, so they’re not as glossy-looking as saltwater pearls, but still beautiful nonetheless. In fact, more people prefer it for its toned-down, less superficial look — perfect for everyday wear.

Pearls are definitely getting a style remix — and it’s time for you to get on board. Here are some of our best tips on how to rock VINTA Gallery’s Freshwater Palawan Pearls with style.

1. Channel Your Inner Tyler the Creator (a.k.a. big yes to men in pearls)

Are pearl necklaces in style for guys? Our answer is a unanimous YES. And look no further than the guy behind Odd Future and one of our fave albums, Flower Boy. Tyler the Creator is not afraid to experiment with personal style — and he does so oozing the confidence we all craved as an awkward teenage kid (and maybe still crave to this day tbh).

The title of that record speaks for itself — ‘flower boy’ is a moniker commonly used in Korea to denote a delicate, gender-fluid young man. So don’t be afraid to test some things out, throw away the conventional rules, be a rebel, straddle the lines between masculine and feminine beauty. And yes, men, that means wear that Freshwater Palawan Pearl Choker Necklace with your lavender coloured Waist Cropped Barong. It’ll feel empowering, trust us.

Men in Freshwater Palawan Pearls
2. Add Pops of Pearls to All-Black Outfits

Need some style inspo? Check out Fil-Am actress Liza Soberano, who looked effortlessly stunning in our black Sheer Shoulder Terno Top paired with a black skirt and leggings in her latest LA jaunt. She turned her all-black attire up a notch when she rocked VINTA Gallery’s Freshwater Palawan Pearl Ear Lace — it’s a minimalist look with seven pearls that truly pop like stars against an all-black sky.

The pearl ear lace is inspired by the bekelew that T'boli women wear, in which a single (sometimes more) strand of beads hangs around the chin, from one ear lobe to the other. Many other cultures in Mindanao have a version of this piece of jewelry, too. In T'boli culture, the bekelew symbolizes femininity.

3. Mix and Match Pearls with Your Own Fave Jewelry

We all have our favorite pieces of jewelry — why not pair your pretty pearls along with it?

Our very own Global Ops Manager Sydney does this best, rocking our hot new red Terno Jumpsuit. Because of that sexy deep V plunging neckline, lariat pieces look best. Here, she pairs a VINTA Gallery bestseller, the Lingling-o Lariat with Rolo Chain with our 18-inch Freshwater Palawan Pearl Lariat Necklace. It just adds that extra sauce to an already spicy ’fit.

VINTA Gallery Pearls Outfit Ideas4. Put Your Hoops In and Remember Who You Are 

We don’t know what it is about hoops earrings, but they hold some sort of special instant power. Add pearls to the hoop and you can conquer the world.

We have Freshwater Palawan Pearl Hoops Earrings ranging from 1-inch to 1.5-inch hoops and ones with copper wire wrap and pearl hoop earrings without — wearer’s choice. Best part about this look is you can pair it with just about everything. Make even the most lazy day / casual airport hoodie outfit look fly with our pearl hoop earrings.

VINTA Gallery Pearls Style Tips5. Keep It Classy/Classic 

It’s a classic look that’ll never fade.

If you’re heading to a more formal event, choose our Freshwater Palawan Pearl Stud Earrings. Here, Syd wears it with VINTA Gallery’s ivory Deep-V Maxi Terno Dress. Because of the detailed and whimsical floral lace overlay on the terno’s butterfly sleeves, it’s okay to keep things a bit more simple with the pearly white stud earrings. The studs and backing are also made of gold tone stainless steel, so it will not tarnish. Have your perfect minimal Pinay moment.

VINTA Gallery Pearl Stud EarringsShop our entire collection of VINTA Gallery Freshwater Pearls jewelry for the perfect accessory to complete your outfit or as a special holiday gift for that special someone. Each pair of pearl earrings come in a pretty black velvet box, Pretty Woman styles.