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Large Solid Brass Bangles

Large Solid Brass Bangles


Brass bangles are worn by the Indigenous groups of the Cordillera region of the Philippines. Crafted using traditional brass casting techniques (by hand) by Aizam and the Basilio family of Gonhadan Village Tam-An Banaue. Sourced ethically through The Manila Collectible Company.

Each bangle has a break where you can pull it open to place on to your wrist, it should hug your wrist. These solid recycled brass bangles are larger and thicker than the Giniling bangles. Traditionally these have been worn as anklets, though it's exceedingly difficult to open the bangle enough to slip it on to your ankle! 

Each bangle vary in diameter within 1/16 of an inch because they are cast individually by hand. Average diameter is 3 1/2" on the long side of the oval. Keep in mind this can go larger when you pull the break open a little more


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Material: 100% brass


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