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Corsage Camisa (Sanggumay)

Corsage Camisa (Sanggumay)



This camisa is inspired by the Traje de Mestiza (or Baro't Saya) of the 1880s. The cut is a simple pull-over, with dropped shoulder seams and pleated pagoda sleeves for maximum volume. We added a keyhole in the back, fastened with a coconut button. This camisa is unlined tulle, so it's completely transparent.

The embroidery motif, designed by Alagá at Sining, is the Sanggumay blossom (Dendrobium anosmum) placed over the heart -- like a corsage ;) -- and on the sleeves' edge.

The Sanggumay is native to the Philippines and other tropical Asian countries. Over 60 species of Dendrobium are recorded in the Philippines. One of the favourite cultivated species is the Sanggumay (Dendrobium anosmum). Sanggumay is derived from two Tagalog root words: "sangsang" meaning nauseating and overpowering (smell), and "umay" meaning "tiresome." Its heavily perfumed flowers are used for its decorative value for ceremonies and rituals.

Even when it is not in bloom, it is easily distinguished by its long, pendulous canes – which is why it is also locally called latigo (Spanish for whip) – onto which its glossy, green leaves are attached. In gardens, they are usually anchored on coconut coir and attached to trees. The Sanggumay’s profuse, cascading blooms are a wonderful sight - making it a very popular garden ornamental. In the wild, it grows in the humid forests - attached to the trunks or branches of large trees. It is an epiphyte which means it grows on another plant but is not parasitic. It relies on the moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, or the detritus that collects around it.

Each Corsage Camisa is cut, sewn and embroidered by Master Lita and the VINTA Gallery team in our atelier in the Philippines. 


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Material and Care Instructions:

- 100% polyester tulle
- Hand wash only, hang to dry.


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